Aspirations – June 2011

These are the things in my life that I am going to achieve.

  • 1. I’m going to learn more about & attend more matches for Harlequins RUFC

  • 2. By the time I’m 40, I’m going to be with a woman I love, and I’m going to have children.
  • 3. I’m going to write a book which will change the world, and how we look at it.
  • 4. In my future, I want to be working in an occupation where I feel I am actually putting something of practical benefit back into the world. Something which will outlive me, and something that is not money based.
  • 5. By the age of 35, I’m going to have learnt a foreign language fluently, and I’m going to have a greater understanding of the varieties of wine.
  • 6. I’m going to put effort into knowing and understanding more about the passions in my life. Mainly film, music, Philosophy, art, football, and the interests already mentioned.
  • 7. One day, I’m going to attend the Cannes Film Festival.
  • 8. I’ve read the “Communist Manifesto”. To understand the world better, I’m also going to read “Mein Kampf”, “The Koran”, “The Bible” and “The Wealth Of Nations”.
  • 9. On a lighter note, I want to play the perfect game of Pool. I’d like to break, pot every single of my balls, and pot the black, all without my opponent getting a shot.
  • 10. I’m going to feel like I’ve done everything I can do in life.Number 10, should never be fulfilled.
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