Achievements – June 2011

“To begin with he is nothing. He will not be anything until later, and then he will be what he makes of himself.”
J.P.Sartre (Existentialism & Humanism p28)

What I’ve Achieved [June 2011]

A random list of events in my life that I feel proud of:

1. I am a published film critic, featuring in a November 2005 edition of the Hackney Gazette.

2. I have met a wide variety of people in my life, and have always tried my hardest to be friendly to them.

3. I was once told that I had made a difference in someones life and that I had made London great for them.

4. I achieved an acceptable grade at University doing a course that I loved and learnt a lot from.

5. After loosing a teacher in the run up to my A-Level exams, I fought my hardest and despite all predictions, I passed A-Level Economics.

6. I have seen every episode of Danger Mouse ever made.

7. I’ve been able to gradually get my head around WordPress and so far, so good…

This list will continue to grow as I keep adding to it. For now, it will surfice.

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