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Cold Dead Hand – Jim Carrey vs American Right

It’s amazing, but America seems to be having yet another long running battle over Gun Control.

Hardly anything new there, but what is amazing is how little the British press seems to be covering the issue.

In the last week of March, the Canadian American Comedian Jim Carrey released the following video on the website Funny or Die.

Cold Dead Hand –

The response from the American right has been swift and strong.

Fox News personality Greg Gutfield referring to Carrey as “a moral coward” is just a sign of the way the right has taken to Carrey mocking both their right to bear arms, and their deceased idol Charlton Heston.

Whilst it can normally be dubious to mock the dead, Carrey has created a frankly hilarious skit which criticises the deceased film start for the famous line “From my cold dead hands”.

In fact, the ongoing argument has shown creativity on both sides of the political divide, as the following rebuttal on Reason TV’s Remy has shown:

I mean, fair play to these guys for actually trying to take someone on at their own game, rather than simply preaching hate crimes.

It’s a much better step than those that have taken to selling Jim Carrey autographs on eBay so that they can afford to buy guns to kill off Carrey himself.

What is most bizarre is how little this ongoing fight in America seems to have featured in the United Kingdom.

Whilst there’s no doubt that there’s a lot going on here at the present, it was only looking at the World News section of today’s Independent that the story even crossed my radar.

Looking across the internet, there’s not exactly a lot of commentary. The Guardian has put a small mention on March 26th, The Independent posted two stories (the first can be found here –, but for the most part, this appears to be it.

It’s as if the UK press has simply passed this article by.

Part of me thinks there are political links at work here, part of me thinks nobody cares. It’s tough to decide. All I know, this whole farce is hilarious, but with a very important message.

Whether that important message is that Jim Carrey is still funny, or that guns need to be controlled, it is open to interpretation.

I’ll give you a clue though, it’s the latter.

New Year, Old Diets

fat-manIt’s that time of the year again.

Yes, January 2013 sees the return of the Company Weight-loss Challenge.

Always, always a source of friendly competition, 10-15 people compete for 2 months to see who loses the highest % of their body weight. Like last year, my Boss is the firm favourite. Albeit still being 1 stone lighter than he was at this time last year.

So here we go again. Less booze, less food, lower calories and hypothetically more exercise.

In the meantime, here’s some fireworks from London’s New Years Eve celebrations. Enjoy!

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