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Food, Glorious Food

The sound of the city was deafening.

As cars of various shapes and sizes zoomed past along the narrow road, builders drilled in unison on top of a rejuvenated building. The faint wind blew gently against the white sheets labelled “Bennett’s Builders & Manufacturers” & the blazing sun’s light reflected back, dazzling anyone who dared to stare for too long.

Across the road, he sat. The base of an old fountain his rest, he felt the smooth marble’s chill through his shirt and down his spine.

A sink, probably used by many a late night drunk, hung to the right of his head. In the heat of the day, he didn’t care.

He opened the white carrier bag in front of him & pulled out a puffed up bundle of white paper. Gently unwrapping it, away from his legs afraid of leaks, he found a chibatta, neatly cut in half, resting inside.

The sandwich had been toasted with salad & mayo added later. No tomato at his request, but the cucumber tasted good.

He relaxed & raising a half of the sandwich to his lips, he took a bite. The contents filled his mouth with sensation and as he chewed, he smiled to himself. He looked to his right at the continental cafe, half deserted with orange cover & owner glumly flicking through his paper.

Shortly a coffee would be in order, but for now, he was going to enjoy his sandwich.

“Mmmm, chicken.”

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