Monthly Archives: April 2014

A Gentle Spring

The heavens opened. Suddenly what had been a soft & gentle trickle became an intense downpour. A constant stream of water, a sprinkler effect, covering the trees & grass with a bombardment of magnificent h2o.

He sat & stared out the window. The rain beat down, hitting everything in his field of view. The array of trees & bushes, the concrete paving stones, the surface of the distant swimming pool. A permanent ripple of bouncing, bubbles forming across the water as liquids collided. An almost dance like state echoing across the green tinted layer. He watched. It was as if nature was performing a miraculous private dance piece for him & him alone. He just wished he understood it.

The rain began to ease off as quickly as it had started.

A squawking in the distance began. The sound of powltry, soaked in dew, struggling to cope with their inept failure to find a suitable cover in the outside world.

For one moment, he felt at ease with this natural life. Like he was at one with his surroundings and the world around him. Sooner he knew, that tranquility would cease. Probably more quickly than he’d have wished. For now though, he sat there & listened to the chickens in the distance.

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