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Random Pieces from October 12th 2011

Today is Sunday May 12th 2013. I’ve been clearing out some old documents.

The following has been found in a book from October 12th 2011 (29th Birthday).

There will be no comment, no review, I just want to keep it here for storage sake.


The winds blew. This much was fact. As the trees waved, helpless and trapped in an incoming tide of eerie despair, the path looked wider still.

He sighed. In his hand, a text was visible. A modern medium of unspeakable destruction. Mankind spent life worried about bombs, guns, chemical warfare & so much more.

When all was said and done, it was communications and it was an artificial subculture that destroyed mankind.

This unemotional, almost instructive medium. This remover of interaction. Remover of unpredictability. This mechanical of processes. Telephones bred communications, texting destroyed it.

A single sentence, taken a billion ways, causing alienation and isolation. It promoted a feeling of self importance and permanent nihilism. Yet we used and absorbed it.

He looked down:

“Was it the girlfriend or boyfriend who suggested that?!”



Today is my birthday. I am 29. People will tell me today in jest that I am old. Others will point out that age is irrelevant.

They are both right.

What ages does is it makes you reflect. It makes you consider where you are.

Yes 29 is not an old age. Yes there’s lots left.

Yet at this age, with 1 year till 30, it is only natural to consider your achivements, your goals, your dreams.

Do I want to be where I am now in 12 months?

Simply put, no. No I don’t.

Yet the only thing holding me back is me.

2011 has been an amazing year. It has changed my view on life. A personal freedom. A knowledge of transport. A knowledge of opportunity. Yet sometimes need to be done by oneself. Sometimes you need to make a leap of faith in yourself.

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