A Relaxed Walk Home

This was a mistake.

Not the walk in itself, the Sun had appeared to be shining when he’d left the house earlier, so a stroll to the store 2 miles away had seemed like a great plan.

No the walk to the store had been great. Headphones in, sun shining into the appropriately perched sun glasses, it all felt like a magical dream.

The error, upon realisation had come upon reaching the store.

Standing in this French boulangerie, shelves filled with packaged foods, baguettes, swimming pool inflatable balls, and much more, he’d looked around for anything he wanted and plumped for a soft drink from a fridge cabinet. Taking a can out and placing it on the till counter, he strolled over to the fridges to survey the wine selections.

Two stood out instantly.

A bottle of Voignier, a beautiful dry white, was an obvious call. More amusingly to him, he’d seen a bottle with a basic, badly drawn in-house label on it. Picking this up, one thought crossed the mind.

“It’ll be a laugh”.

The shop owner had been happy enough to serve, and so here he stood, a bottle in each hand, a soft drink in his pocket. The road stretched out ahead of him.

That was the mistake. Whilst the walk would be great, he wished he’d made do with only one bottle. Two was greedy, two was excessive. There was no need to now have to carry two 750ml bottles home with him.

He sighed and took it as a fact of life. He looked into the distance.

The Sun still shone briefly, and the river to his left trickled along. A black bird flew past and landed in a tree alongside the bank. He began to walk, one bottle in each hand, along the dirt track that resembled a road. The path had been developed through years of tractors, cars and lorries driving along it. Tyre indents laying out a long track along the side of a vast field, setting markers from one location to the next.

He began to walk, feet crunching on the floor, occasionally stepping over an ant, a butterfly and other insects and fauna. Despite the headphones in his ears, distancing him from this world he inhabited, he felt alive right now. Happy, content, relaxed and engulfed by a feeling of well being, he looked at the bottle on his left. Then he looked at the bottle in his right hand. Then he looked at the spralling path, leading into the distance.

“Sod it”, he thought, life could be worse.

He began to walk home.

About T.Bonney

Northerner with a penchant for optimism and self-deprecating humour. London based for 14+ years now and still love it most of the time. Philosophical, film fan with tastes for beer, rugby, reading and more.

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