Ghost World

GhostWorldGhost World (2001) – Originally written September 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Ok, I admit right now that this review is fairly weak. The simple reason being that I’m not sure how personally to review this film. “Ghost World” tells the story of two girls Enid and Rebecca who have just graduated from High School and their lives are laid out in front of them.

The film progresses and the girls friendship is strained as random different obscure characters are introduced and as Thora Birch’s Enid begins to drift away and grow increasingly tired with her life. Birch gives the audience a star performance as the troubled Enid, but ultimately, the film belongs to Steve Buschemi’s “Geek” Seymour.

“Ghost World” progresses at a fairly slow pace and this is ultimately my problem with it. I’m sure fans of the comic book from which this is based will love it, and I’m sure to certain other people it might seem enjoyable, but to myself, whilst at times Birch and co deeply affect us and we’re left associating with the fear of change, ultimately I couldn’t truely appreciate it.

The ending of this film is surprisingly well delivered, although it has the problem that the film never really goes anywhere. When I witness a good film conclusion, I often find myself in an almost trance like state as I recreate in my mind the thoughts and images I’ve just received, and the same happened this time. This time however, I feel almost cheated. “Ghost World” leaves me with the feeling which is often handed out to me by complete films which have kept me hooked throughout (“American Beauty” being a perfect example), but aside for a few key scenes and images, “Ghost World” ultimately leaves me dead.

To summarise, superb acting and an occasional brilliant idea (keep an eye out for the art scenes revolving around Enid’s art exhibition) don’t make up for the inherrant feeling that this film doesn’t seem to actually go anywhere. By all means watch this film, feel sorry for the characters, enjoy the occasional joke, but afterwards, don’t be surprised if you feel slightly disappointed.

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