Finding Nemo

FindingNemoFinding Nemo (2003) – Originally written September 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


So here’s Disney’s latest animated adventure, and for those of us out there who love Disney, it’s a treat.

In “Finding Nemo” we are introduced to two clown fish (who aren’t very funny) Nemo & his dad Marlin, who have an arguement as Marlin is overprotective & Nemo is taken by some Scuba Divers. This then leads to Marlin travelling across the ocean facing numerous obstacles in an attempt to get his son back (the rest of the family already dying before the opening credits).

This film progresses in typical Disney style with bright characters (my personal favourites being the Turtles ….. dude!), imaginative scenarios and a couple of classic small sketches (the best being two seagulls sat on the surface and a small bubble appears next to Seagull A. Seagull B looks at him “nice” & flies off).

Truth be told, the thing I love about this film is that I can’t actually identify that many of the voices. If you look at “Toy Story” (still the bench mark, although personally “Shrek” is my alltime animation, but then, it isn’t Disney), whilst the story is stunning, the voices are blatantly Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and many other well known faces, which ultimately I personally think hinders it slightly. Now if you look at “Finding Nemo” whilst one or two of the early characters voices are recogniseable (Ellen DeGeneres being the most notable) for the most part, they may be famous actors, but I found it hard to recognise the voices (hence my surprise at discovering Geoffrey Rush being in it). Ultimately this benefits my enjoyment as after a while, the voices literally become the characters own.

To summarise, this is yet another quality Disney film which is both endering and satisfying. I confess to not being a big fan of recent Disney productions (found “Monsters Inc” a bit too infuriating for my tastes and not at all that funny), but with “Finding Nemo” they remind me where my heart truely belongs. A stunning film worth it’s wait in Coral.

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