Mr 3000

Mr3000Mr 3000 (2004) – Originally written April 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


There’s something somewhat predictable about this film, but after 30-45 minutes of the film (yes, I’m reviewing it half way through), it’s enjoyable.

The late Bernie Mac is Stan “Mr 3000” Ross. An arrogant, egotistical individual who never cared about his team or the fans. Instead all he thinks of is that 3,000 home runs and getting into the hall of fame.

When it becomes clear that the records are wrong, Ross assumes he can just walk back into the game and reclaim his name. Sometimes life doesn’t work like that.

So, let’s not beat around the bush, this is not an original film.

The plot is predictable and you can more or less write out the script in advance.

If anything though, that is part of the charm. You don’t need to think about it, you simply watch and you simply enjoy.

Character personalities change over night, cinematography, soundtrack and direction fluctuate between mediocre and woeful. However the one endearing factor is that in the title role, Mac shines.

Yes, it’s not a challenge role for him, but the film was never going to be an Oscar contender.

It is simply a fun, relaxed, happy film that you can watch and (dare I say it) feel inspired by.

Not one to go out and buy, but if it’s on TV and there’s nothing better to do, you might as well watch it. There are worse ways to spend an evening.

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Northerner with a penchant for optimism and self-deprecating humour. London based for 14+ years now and still love it most of the time. Philosophical, film fan with tastes for beer, rugby, reading and more.

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