Star Trek: Nemesis

StarTrekNemesisStar Trek: Nemesis (2002) – Originally written August 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


So here we are then, the latest Star Trek motion picture. OK, I admit I’m writing this in 2003 when the film has already been released on video, but I can’t help but feel that seeing it from a different perspective allows you to witness it better. For one thing, I don’t think this film transfers as well from cinema to video. On video, it seems slightly lacking whilst I remember watching it twice at the cinema fondly.

In this film, the crew of the Enterprise go on “One final mission”, although lets be honest, most of them would return if they could (with the possible exception of Jonathan Frakes who’d probably rather concentrate on his directing career), but is it worth it?

Truth be told, yes I think they need to return. When Kirk and co finally parted the screen as a grouping (since obviously a few returned in “Generations”) at the end of “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country”, they finished in a memorable way which was excellent. In contrast, this film feels to end very poorly and with no real goodbye from the team. Whilst it’s true that a few members of the Crew are a damn sight more important than others in the main cast, I still feel a proper farewell from everyone (even McFadden’s Dr Crusher, who despite growing older in appearance since the very first episode, is still a stunning woman in figure and appearance) would have been a better farewell than the one which was opted with. If anyone has this film on DVD, I recommend watching the deleted scenes. I admit to not being a big fan of deleted scenes sometimes, but in this case I made an exception as I was keen to witness Wesley Crusher’s appearance (hence my disappointment when I didn’t see anything more to add onto a glance at the wedding). Despite Wesley not appearing however, there is an excellent ending on the DVD which was cut for time, but which I feel could have produced a much more humorous and stylish finish than the one they finished with. But such is life.

Technically, irrelevant of the plot, the acting is of an acceptable standard, the special effects are suitably excellent (the collision course scene being a favourite) and the make up is once more excellent.

Truth be told, as far as Star Trek films go, this is a more than acceptable addition to the selection and it will be interesting to see what those boffins who think up these ideas think up next. My personal suggestion is that they finish off the remaining crew members for “Next Generation”, “DS9” and “Voyager” in one go by having one almighty 90 minute shootout where everyone from Wesley Crusher, via Dr Bashir and Dax at DS9 and through to Janeway, Tuvok and co, all join in the battle royal and the majority are randomly killed off. This may sound daft, but it’d put a full stop to any notion of sequels ever again and then the creators could remain fixed to the inferior ramblings of “Enterprise”. Again though, this is just my opinion.

Despite the previous paragraphs nonsensical ramblings, I finish by stating once again that this is a good Star Trek film with a good plot, an excellent bad guy, some good twists and is a worthy addition to the series. Long Live Pat Stewart!

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