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The aroma poured into his nostrels, overwhelming his senses. Like the dew on grass when the rain stops, the smell was powerful, divine.

He felt powerless and weak, like the world was spinning out of control. Yet he also felt strong, like he was shouting back at the world “I am no mere man, I am a God.”

His arm around her, hand on her arm, remained firmly in place. His head pulled away from her flowing hair, yet the smell retained it’s potency.

Hours later, he’d sit at home, weighing up these moments, shocked by the power, stunned by the million bolts of electricity, hitting his brain in this precise minute. The smell, that heavenly aroma, he knew it would survive much longer.

He looked at her, his glazing eyes looking at her beauty as if for the first time. He knew this moment, this sudden, sharp moment, would change everything for ever. His genesis, his rebirth, he felt more alive now than he had ever been before.

Yet in the back of the mind, a sadness. A realisation. Life doesn’t allow us our eternity. Sooner rather than later, the moment would end. He would have to let her go, and he knew it would destroy him.

He clasped her tight. Willing time to freeze, if just for a moment more. He leaned his head forward, softly kissing her forehead. Another shock, another sensation. The nerves in his lips, going into spasm in eclectic delight.

He looked down into her eyes and saw the same emotion. He hoped she realised, like he, that the end was approaching. He wished he could just freeze time, just once, to capture that face.The deep, deep brown eyes, the longing smile, curling at the edges of the lips.

He pulled her in, one final time, tighter than ever. He thought of that permanent sensation. Then, just as quickly as it had appeared, he let the moment seep away. They parted.

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