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WordPress – A Crash Course…

It’s March 10th and I’m on a WordPress Course!

About WordPress (thanks to Wikipedia)

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It has many features including a plug-in architecture and a template system. WordPress is used by over 14.7% of Alexa Internet‘s “top 1 million” websites and as of August 2011 manages 22% of all new websites. WordPress is currently the most popular CMS in use on the Internet.

It was late November and our SEO Guy was leaving. He got a discount offer from LivingSocial and offered me the course. I’d have been mad to say no.

So here I am!

I’m actually very impressed so far. The guy who runs it is a guy called Toby Thomas (good name… obviously). He’s a good presenter.

I wanted to try to add some notes, so let’s see how we do…

FYI – These links might cease to be as the course progresses…

1) Google Trends – Search for WordPress, Drupal, Joomia & Dreamweaver. It’s a fascinating combination.

NEWS: There are notes! He will be sending them! OH dear… Let’s keep trying…

From the beginning…

Start: 12pm

Lunch: 1:30pm

Finish: 5:30 (he has an area reserved in the pub!


My page:

  • Apparently today is going to mostly be about Google & SEO.
  • We’ve just created a new page on WordPress! (12:20)
  • Local sites local hosted (for local people?)
  • This guy must be a saint… Someone just failed to create a new page. She couldn’t find “Add New Page”
  • To get WordPress working, you need… website host / domain name…
  • Approx £10-£20 per month for shared server
  • Script library installer
  • Youtube clip!!!
  • User
  • Writing
  • Reading…
  • Discussion – Comments! We’ll be removing old comment sections later (WOOOO)
  • Privacy
  • Permalinks (an app… I don’t have it…It’s a pain for the Poker Heaven Blog though)
  • We’re going to remove spam 🙂
  • Pages / Quick Comments… How to lose the comments box! I think you can add a password to. That could be useful.
  • Posts / Quick Comments…
  • Showing how we add lots of new pages. Looks good.
  • Trying new pages… It’s kinda fun…
  • Fonts
  • Services
  • Product – Featuring one of the most noticeable facts of the day so far.
  • A realisation that my links page does NOT have target=”blank” in my html code. 5 minutes later, job fixed.
  • Realisation 2, you can paste as plain text. That’ll avoid all the Russian text problems going forward.
  • <!—more—> becomes increasingly relevant. We don’t use that on our sites. A good way of developing the blog?

It’s now 1:20pm… I’m hungry…

  • A realisation that the permalinks aren’t working on the Poker Heaven blog… Time I fix it.
  • Fixed…
  • Apparently StudioPress are the best. Thoughts?
  • How does this site look on other browsers? I use chrome…
  • Mobile phone… Good
  • Internet Explorer… Good
  • Themes!!!
  • Free hosting with Toby for a year… Sweet! 
  • After that, £8 a month.
  • Lifestyle theme (on page 2). Not sure about this choice. First disagreement with a so far superb course.
  • Oh dear, Internet problems. Not enough bandwidth. And NO I am not using it all up on Twitter. Guess I won’t be streaming the rugby either.
  • YES! We’re going to add videos, store and more later… #excited

It’s 1:45pm, I’m getting fed at 2pm! Bring on the sausages!

OR, it’s ready now!

Back later…


Just ended up chatting to Toby about SEO, WordPress & everything else in this world.

There’s also a lady here trying to start a Poker Affiliate site. I need to remember to point her towards Heaven Affiliates before this ends tonight.

Ended up talking to another random lady about her chocolate company La Sagra.

Bloody good stuff actually!

And we’re back…

  • I really need to get that “Genesis” app.
  • Widgets, we’re going to add stuff.
  • Might need to add the Paypal & Social Media Widgets
  • There’s different widgets on these sites to what I have!
  • I need to get the following – “Social Media Widget” [PERFECT for Poker Heaven]
  • Interesting… Email addresses are bad for SEO. I best chat to Stu/Barry/Dan/Leslie about that.
  • Blog time…
  • Add, categories, etc, etc
  • Toby is looking gradually tired. He was out with people from Vietnam last night. Coincidence?
  • He really is rather good though…
  • The difference between pages (Permanent) and posts (temporary)
  • If a blog is rubbish, don’t write it… OH HANG ON!
  • Two types of SEO
  • White Hat – Follow Google’s rules & guidelines to achieve your goal.
  • Black Hat – Spam, robots, non-Google, etc.
  • WordPress Courses vs WordPress Training. SEO is pointless with bad key words. Wonder what PH’s key words are…
  • SEO plugin later.
  • He’s clued in this bloke.
  • Why is that American woman on Facebook?
  • How to get more plugins!
  • On website -> Go to “Plugins” and “Add New”
  • How to backup… Tools/Export (bit obvious really.
  • I can see Monday being fun…
  • Google XML Sitemap
  • All in One SEO Pack
  • WP Super Cache
  • W3 Total Cache [php coding needed]
  • We should hire this guy to do our SEO.
  • What the hell is Poker Heaven TV?
  • And who are GlobalMaxer?
  • Who decides the SEO for our site
This is beginning to drag. I need a beer. Or a kip.
It’s 3:40pm
  • Contact Form 7
  • ahhh Nice!
  • Growing tired now. It’s been a long 15 minutes…
  • And 10 minutes of it were a break.
  • Can export, etc
  • Effectively things like Contact 7 are useful if you don’t have SQL.
  • Interactive map in a contact page!!!
  • MapPress
  • Cool… I can see London!
  • He lives near Stamford Brook tube…
  • It’s Paypal time…
  • Wonder what their view is towards online gambling.
  • Could be quite easy to fit Paypal into Winner Heaven Live
  • No need for the Paypal plug Toby, we all know they’re good!
  • Wonder if I should add paypal to this site…
  • Pay £5 for weekly emails featuring thoughts/bullshit of the day.
  • Uploading pictures – Never upload huge numbers of pictures, they slow sites down.
  • Sounds like Sky Sports!
Wrapping up time…
Or maybe not, it’s Youtube time!
  • Bandwidth suddenly goes slooooow as every person starts browsing YouTube for appropriate videos.
  • Wonder if opening Twitter will ruin the bandwidth even more.
  • Best not.
  • Put as much stuff as possible onto youtube basically.
  • It gets hits.
  • Might try to record the company freeroll in future.
  • People still having jpg problems.
Final piece now… Legal footer & site map.
  • This is where it gets interesting
  • Genesis / Simple Edits
  • Add New Page, add “footer” info into html page.
  • Into draft
  • WP-Insert / Manage Privacy Policy
  • Assign. Don’t save. Create
  • Same with T&C
  • Assign. Don’t save. Create
  • Link in page
  • Click on html
  • Erm… Do a Alan Nevison and nick the html code.
  • sitemap = page/sitemap
  • Fascinating…
I think Toby needs a beer too.
I think we’ve finished.
There’s little point denying that towards the end, the course has dragged today. It’s still been VERY useful & interesting. I’m certainly very glad I went on it.
I have to say that I think it’d be of more value to Colin than me, but there’s certainly things that I’ve picked up which will be of use.
I wonder if they’ll let me play around with the company Homepage.
If you want to check out the course & I would definitely recommend it, you can find details on Today’s WordPress site here.
Now I’m going for a beer.
P.S. He’s going to email people HOW to set up your own domain. More info to follow…

Questions for Toby:

  • Permalinks – Why does it not always work for the Poker Heaven Blog?
  • Missing Widgets – How do I get some of them on this page OR on PH? SOLVED
  • Why do I not have plugins on this blog?
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