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Fight Club

Fight Club (1999) – Originally Written July 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


What a brilliant idea this film was. It’s taken me many years to see this film & I’m glad I waited until now. A few years ago, if I’d seen it then (released originally 1999) then I know I’d have not enjoyed it as much as I did today. This film is pure genius.

The original idea of Edward Norton as a miserable man in a miserable world who discovers a form of escapism is ingenius.

Both Norton & Pitt deliver amazing performances (why is it that Pitt is best as nutters?) and produce brilliant opposites.

This film does drift off a bit when Tyler’s insane army idea begins to take shape, but the ultimate twist is a piece of genius which scarily fits into the film perfect.

The thing I loved most about this film however is the way that Tyler has his one key Philosophy & looking back over the entire film, that Philosophy is apparent in the vast majority of it. Whilst I’m sure the vast majority of people here would agree with the idea that we need to loose the materialistic ideals of the world, Tyler doesn’t comprehend just how much those of us who aren’t material dependent need those who ARE material dependent. Society is built of different groups of people & those groups need each other to work. Anyway, I’m going off on one here & that’s not relevant really to the film.

The point I guess is that in general, this film is quality. Despite the occasional slow bit, this film not only makes people think, but it teaches us a thing or two about ourselves. Well worth viewing. It makes me wonder what other beautiful films there are for me to watch.

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