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Spy Kids

Spy Kids (2001) – Originally written July 2003

With the release of Spy Kids 3D, a friend of mine told me how desperate she was to see it. I confess to being a little keen, but upon mentioning not watching the first two, she instantly walked to her dvd collection and forced them into my hands. So here I am, it’s Sunday night & I’ve just watched the first one. Know what? I think it’s brilliant. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it will never win any awards for it’s outstanding plot, but for the occasional hilarious moment & for the general relaxed nature of the film, it is the perfect type of film to just sit and switch off to. I’m not surprised children love it, and it’s even less surprising that the adults of the world who’re reliving our childhoods, the film is a breath of childish fresh air. Time to watch number 2 perhaps.

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