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Hulk (2003) – Originally written July 2003

POTENTIAL SPOILERS, Doubtful, but Possible.

After months of anticipation, I was slightly worried about setting foot into this film. So far this year there had been three major films I’d been awaiting. Those three are The Matrix Reloaded, this film & Terminator 3. After feeling heavily disappointed with the Matrix Reloaded, I was paranoid I’d set too high standards for this film & would be disappointed. I wasn’t. Ang Lee (despite one previous review I’ve read describing him as a “She”. Some people don’t research enough) shows a film which is wonderful & thoughtful yet simultaneously entertaining. Whilst I can appreciate that some people might dislike the swapping between drama & action, I love the originality of it all. Whilst one or two of the performances are a bit weak, the excellent performances by Houston & Connelly make it all the worth while. What I really love about this film however is it’s seeming obsession with trying to explain how the Hulk develops. Certain parts are a bit sloppy & confusing, & I admit to not being a scientist (asking my father about the potential is probably worth time), but the idea of having the Hulk sweat off his size (& thus returning to Bana) is pure genius. Ang Lee puts in a quality performance himself by actually portraying the Hulk’s actions & emotions, which makes the film all the more worthwhile.

I know everything I have just been saying is incredibly sloppy in layout, but thats the thing with this film, I can keep finding more and more good things to say about it.

Ok, now the bad news.

I watched this film in a room full of teenagers (and a few young kids who I question if their parents have any intelligence) & at the start, and at the end, a lot of these teenagers seemed to get more and more tiresome and aggitated. The film has it’s occasional tiresome moment but in general it is amazing & well worth the money. Even the ending, which seems impossible in the vast majority of marvel films, is endering and leaves it open for a sequel (which lets be honest, most studios want as a priority anyway).

To summarise, well worth the money. If your a person who can’t combine drama & action though, go watch Spiderman.

Now for Terminator 3

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